(to the tune of "The Dreidle Song" Author and Source Unknown at this time)

I had a little Goddess, I baked her out of clay.
I placed her on the altar and prepared myself to pray.

Spinning, dancing, leaping, Her laughter full of light,
Turning spiral, weaving, the Goddess is alive.

I made an invocation, invited her to stay,
And when I lit Her candle, she jumped up to play.

Her eyes began to twinkle, her lips curved in a smile,
She raised her arms above her head and danced a little while.

The stars came to my doorstep and spun about the room.
The Goddess, she went flying upon her magic broom.

My eyes were big as scrying globes, my heart pounded like a drum.
Night seeped through the windows and day came with a sun.

I thought she'd be so serious, I thought she'd be austere,
But when I met the Goddess, I knew I needn't fear.

She danced upon my heartstrings, she opened up my eyes,
She made me see inside myself, the joy of life to prize.

Spiral, spiral, spiral, the Goddess is alive.
Turning, turning, turning, she danced a little jive.