Magick of the Night

(words by Maria Kay Sims,
tune to Music of the Night by Andrew Lloyd Weber,
from the Phantom of the Opera)

Night time comes and heightens each sensation
In the dark, I wake imagination
Silently your senses abandon their defenses
helpless to resist my soft moonlight
For I bring you the Magick of the night.

Softly, slowly..night unfurls her splendor
Can you sense it? Tremulous and tender.
Feeling is believing, sight alone can be deceiving
Trust this spell I weave by candlelight
Join me in the magick of the night.

Come close and gaze into my candlelight
In the flame see the dreams you wish to be
In the darkness it's easy to create
A dream that can become reality.

Softly, let my silver Moon caress you
Feel it, sense it, let it now possess you.
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind
As you dream into the flame of candlelight
Glowing in the mystery of the night.

Come with me, I'll take you to another world
Leave all thoughts of the life you've lived before
Let your soul take you where you long to be
There you'll know that you belong to me.

Floating, dreaming, sweet intoxication
Touch me, trust me, savor each sensation.
Now our spell is cast, let all doubts and fears be past
Know the power of your dreams by candlelight
The power of the Full Moon on this night!

(musical interlude)

Only you can truly be my light...
Help me make the magick of the night.