{I was unable to find a midi version of "I've been everywhere",
if you know of one please clue me in!
If you've heard the song before you'll know the melody
but if you haven't you're probably too young! *G*}

Gods are Everywhere

(Words by TJ Scott
Original Tune: I've Been Everywhere
performed by Jonny Cash
written by Geoff Mack)

I was hiking one summer along an old desert road
When along came a truck, with a canvas covered load
If you're going down to the Highway son, then I can let you ride
So I cleaned the dust off of my seat and settled down inside
He asked me if I'd seen a more God forsaken land
And I said "Listen Bud, I've found Gods in every place and land"

The Gods are everywhere man, The Gods are everywhere man
Been where most don't dare man, I've braved a cobras stare man
Of Gods I've seen my share man,
The Gods are everywhere

There is Kaikara, Chikara, Sajara, Modimo,
Obatala, Wamala, Lubangala, Yaro,
Cagu, Mungu, Esu, Sango,
Ikenga, Kalunga, Rubanga, Opo,
Bumba, Pemba, Legba, Adro,
Akongo, Soko, and Dongo, and on we go

There is Anu, Antu, Birdu, Gerra,
Assur, Ninsubur, Sirtur, Isara,
Ansar, Istar, Kisar, Sirara,
Asnan, Dagan, Sulman, Ninkurra,
Apsu, Enzu, Gestu, Kisar,
Sullat, Ilabrat, and Tiamat, she's so hot

Amaethon, Govannon, Mabon, Anu,
Arvernus, Belenus, Lenus, Danu,
Banba, Dagda, Macha, Eriu,
Boann, Morrigan, Manawyddan, Nuadu,
Ceridwen, Gwydion, Cernunnos, Camulos,
Maponos, Smertrios, get him mad and you be toast

Buri, Forseti, Loki, Aegir,
Fjorgyn, Hlothyn, Sigyn, Disir,
Bragi, Modi, Vali, Mimir,
Bor, Thor, Vor, Hoenir,
Balder, Freyja, Heimdall, Skadi,
Idunn, Sif, Vili, don't feel silly

There's even Gods you haven't seen
The Gods are everywhere