Consecration of a new Book of Shadows

Materials: 4 votive candles, 1 taper candle, a chalice with salt-water, a
bowl of sand, a cone of sandalwood incense, matches.

Place the object in the middle of your alter. Create a Pentacle around it
with the corresponding votive candles, Yellow-East-Air, Red-South-Fire,
Blue-West-Water, Green-North-Earth. Then at the top of the Pentacle place
on taper candle of Purple or Black-Akasha-Spirit. Off to the right center
of alter place the bowl of sand, the chalice, and the incense.
Light the taper candle saying:

"I place before you my Book of Shadows and
ask the elements to assist my consecration."

Remove the taper candle from its holder and light the green votive, from
its flame, saying,

"I consecrate with the element of Earth."

Place the bowl of sand atop your BOS.

Light the blue votive, saying,

"I consecrate thee with the element of water."

With your fingers sprinkle a little salt-water on the BOS, and then
add some to the bowl of sand.

Light the red votive, saying,

"I consecrate thee with the element of fire."

Wave the flame of the taper candle close to the BOS, but not close
enough to burn it.

Light the yellow votive, saying,

"I consecrate thee with the element of air."

Place the cone of sandalwood incense in the middle of the sand, and
light it.

Place the taper candle back in its holder. With your right hand pick up the
bowl now containing the elements. Now with your left hand pick up the BOS.
Blow out the flame on the incense, (it should burn sufficiently now), and
wave the BOS over the bowl, making sure that it passes through the incense
smoke, saying,

"Consecrate and bless this Book of Shadows, that it may contain my personal
records, be my personal reference, and exude my personal devotion."

Place the BOS back in the center of the candle created Pentacle. Place the
bowl back on top of it, saying,

"By the powers of Earth, Sky, Star, and Sea, This is my will, So mote it be!"

You may either end the ritual by allowing the candles to burn until the
incense goes out, and then snuffing the candles, or you may want to go
forward with your Dedication of your BOS. Remember, rituals should be as
personal as possible.

~Author Akasha Ap Emrys