Pagan´s Way

Copyright 1984 Gale Perrigo

Not for my feet the mage´s high golden road;
My heart is set in silver: wind in the trees,
Green grass beneath my feet, and the moonlit grove.
Content with the power in the deep bones of the
Earth Mother, I would not command the heavens.
I have trod the solitary path, and shall again.
I have heard the Lady´s laughter at moonrise,
And suffered Her tender scourge in my heart;
I have eaten with the Lord of Shadows, and been reborn.
I have spied shy horned faces peering golden eyed
From the rocks at the circles edge.
I have called to the Watchers at the World´s
Four Quarters, and from their Gates
They answered; I have watched the salamanders
In the chortling stream. All this I know,
And more…I have no need of the passionate cold
Of the celestial vault, or the comet´s fire.
So I will walk my quiet road in peace,
And conjure spiral wonders – for the morning sun
Is gold enough for me.