Spell to Reverse a Curse

What you need:

1 white candle
1 black candle (should be smaller then the white one)
1 wide-mouth glass jar with a lid
1 toothpick (athame may be used as well)
two pie pans (or other container to catch the melting wax)
A small mirror

Put the white candle in one pan and the black in the other. Light each candle. As the candles burn, chant the following and push your energy into the candles:

"I burn these candles, one white, one black
To reverse the curse of ___persons name___ attack.
I call to the wind to blow the curse back!
I call to the sun to burn him/her with his/her own attack!
I call to the trees to make the curse grow!
I call to the air to make
the curse follow where ever he/she shall go!
I am a mirror and I reflect the curse back!"

Now you must wait and let the candles burn completely down. While you are waiting, take the mirror and wrap it in the cloth and tie it shut. Smash the cloth until the mirror is broken. When the black has burned down, pour the black wax into the jar and let dry. Using the toothpick, inscribe his/her name into the black. Open the cloth and put the broken mirror pieces on top (throw the cloth away). Pour the white candle wax on top of the glass and let cool. Using the toothpick, inscribe the following:

"I am protected as long as the white covers the black."
Close the jar tightly and bury in a safe place. As long as the white covers the black you should be protected from any curses he/she puts on you and the affects should go back to that person.

~Author Unknown