* Stay Away Spell *

On a Saturday night during the Waning Moon, collect your ingredients, and go to a place where you can be alone for at least 15 minutes.

*A picture of the intended
*Black cloth
*Black thread or cord
*A picture of yourself
*White candles

Place white candles about your alter. Cast the circle and try to relax your mind and concentrate on the work to be done. Take the picture of the intended in your hands and say this:

________, Stay away!
You are not welcome, this I say!
________, Go away!
You cannot harm in any way!

Wrap the black cloth around the picture and bind it with the cord or thread. Say this:

You who would harm, You who would maim,
If you proceed, You'll face the same.
With cloth and cord, Of darkest night,
I've bound your deed, With shining light.
You cannot harm, So stay away,
I am protected, Both night and day.

With this, the spell is done. Put the package into the freezer until morning, and then throw it in a garbage bin off your property, and walk or drive away without looking back. Carry the picture of yourself in your pocket or in your purse, knowing that you are protected from their harm.