You will need:
1 orange candle
anointing oil (frankincense, cinnamon or rosemary)
incense (frankincense, cinnamon or rosemary)

Anoint the candle with the oil, focusing on being as radiant as the Sun, and accomplishing your goal successfully. See yourself as abundantly creative, and make a wish for accomplishing a specific creative project. Write down on a small piece of paper what you wish for ... and put the piece of paper under the candle, and as you light it, say:

"May this or something better now manifest in accordance with the highest karmic good for all concerned."

Let the candles burn as you visualize your goal.

You can repeat this for several days, up until the Full Moon, but let the candles burn all the way down on the last day. Keep the slip of paper on your altar, in a special small box, or in a medicine bag to be worn around your neck.

~Author Unknown