Meditation To Meet the Wise Woman

This meditation takes you to meet your plant guide or teacher who
will answer your questions, guide your study and suggest areas of
work in your learning about the plant world.

Allow yourself at least 20 minutes for this meditation. Go to a place
where you will not be disturbed, and unplug the phone. It is a good
idea to pre-record the meditation on a tape recorder and then play it
back to yourself, or, if you are a group, elect one member to guide
the rest.

Make yourself comfortable, lie or sit down, loosen tight clothing, be
warm enough as your body heat will drop after a while.

Relax, take a few deep breaths, with each out-breath feel yourself
breathing out tension, relaxing down, down into the ground. Relax
your feet. Feel the muscles of the feet become heavy and let go of
any tension there. Relax the calves, breathe out any tension in the
calves. Relax the knees, feel them grow heavy. Relax the thighs,
relax the buttocks. Feel the floor (or chair) support them, let go.
Relax the genitals and the belly. Breathe away tension, feel them
become soft and empty. Relax the spine. Feel the tension draining
away. Allow your spine to become heavy, to sink into the floor. Relax
your abdomen, feel it become soft, breathe out any tension there.
Relax your chest. Be aware of your breathing; with each breathing in
breathe in light and with each out-breath breathe out tension.
Relax your shoulders, let them go heavy and sink into the floor.
Feel the weight glide off them. Relax your upper arms and then your
lower arms and hands, feel tension washing out of your arms,
through your fingers and into the floor. Relax your neck,
relax your throat, feel them become soft. Relax your face, relax your
jaw muscles, relax your eyes, feel them turn inward. Relax your scalp
muscles . . .

Imagine you are walking in a wood. It is a bright summer's day; the
sunlight dapples through the trees overhead and there is a warm and
balmy breeze. Be aware of your surroundings. See the plants growing
on the ground around you, notice the trees and any birds and animals
nearby. Begin to walk, treading a well-worn path which leads you
deeper and deeper in the forest . . . As you walk, pay close
attention to your surroundings, notice what is around you . . . As
you move deeper and deeper into the forest the trees begin to grow
closer and closer together; it becomes darker. But you are not
afraid; this is a welcome darkness; you feel safe and protected . . .
Suddenly you come across a clearing in the forest and in the center
of the clearing is a hut. Make the choice to approach the hut,
someone will come out to greet you . . . Allow her to take you
inside, go with her where she takes you . . . Speak to her, ask her
any questions you have . . . (Allow 10 to 15 minutes to hear what she
has to say to you) . . . Then realize it is time to leave, but be
aware that you can return any time you wish. Say goodbye now, and
slowly walk back along the path until you reach the place you started
at . . . Then gradually come back into the room. Open your eyes, re-
orientate yourself and write down your experiences.Your plant teacher
will teach you about the physical uses of plants, their magical and
emotional properties, their plant lore and everyday uses. As you
develop a relationship with her you will also go on a journey deep
into yourself.

from: A Wisewoman's Guide to Spells, Rituals, and Goddess Lore
Elisabeth Brooke