On the Road Home

Thursday morning we all rose early and had a big breakfast before breaking camp. We had to be home by Saturday and wanted enough time to visit Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse on the way so we had to leave Thursday morning to ensure we had plenty of time. Of course Mom and I bawled when it was time to go (we always do!) but we knew we were taking some wonderful memories home with us. We left camp mid morning and planned on taking the East entrance out of the park so we could stop by Yellowstone Falls again and get some pictures of the Upper falls (which we actually missed the day before). Then it was back on the road again.
Leaving the Park, East Entrance

I believe that's Sleeping Giant Mountain in the distance, either that or Fortress Mountain. Not exactly sure, but it was really pretty!
Leaving the Park
Tunnel at Buffalo Bill Dam Going through the tunnel at Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir.
The view from the west side of Bald Mountain Pass on Rte 41 Alt. The land was spread out for as far as the eye could see. Incredibly humbling and awe inspiring!
<Rte 41 Alt 2   Rte 41 Alt 3
Medicine Wheel Passage, on Route 14 Alternate, a Wyoming Scenic Byway.
Bald Mountain, Elevation 10042 feet
Just over the summit of Bald Mountain Brittany spotted these two moose grazing in the field, if it hadn't been for her quick eyes we'd have missed them entirely!

Brittany's Moose  Brittany's Moose 2
After Bald Mountain the scenery was rather ordinary, no more pictures today, though I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture of Doug changing our flat tire just outside of Gillette Wyoming. We wound up getting a room in town for the night as there were no tire stores open at 8pm in Gillette. It really worked to our advantage though, at the rate we were heading we would have hit the Black Hills of South Dakota too late to view Mt Rushmore and Crazy Horse, so we were able to get an early start the next morning after replacing our defective tire and having a really good breakfast. On to Mt. Rushmore! Next ==>

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