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Approaching Crazy Horse Monument "My lands are where my dead lie buried"
-Crazy Horse

Approaching Crazy Horse Monument
In case you're unable to read the dimensions to the left, here they are:
Work on the 22-story high horse's head is now underway, having began after completion of the face of Crazy Horse in 1998. Korczak had blocked-out in front of the horse's head before his death in 1982, having planned to finish the horse's head before the face.

Overall height: 219'

Ears: 42' long

Eyes: 16' wide
7 1/2' bulge

Nostrils: 35' diameter
50' deep

62' high

33' high


Mt. Rushmore heads: 60' high
(planned full busts 285')

Sphinx: 70' high

Face of Crazy Horse: 87 1/2'

(Almost nine stories high)

Biggest (Giza Pyramid: 481'

Washington Monument: 555'

Crazy Horse: 563' in-the-round

(World's largest sculpture)

Although it appears smaller, this fiberglass horse's head is a full-size cast of the horse's head on Korczak's 1/34th scale plaster model on the verandah. That is the scale model being enlarged 34 times on the mountain carving in progress.
Crazy Horse Dimensions

Horse's Head Sculpture

1998 postcard Bird's Eye view of Crazy Horse in-the-round
Bird's-eye view show the scale and how, from the outset, the mountain has been blocked out in-the-round.
July 2000 postcard Crazy Horse Memorial is the most incredible thing I have ever seen. It is truly awe inspiring to sit through the educational video and learn why this monument has to be built and why the family responsible for the building of it will accept no federal or state monies to help finance the creation of it. The monument is not just about Crazy Horse and his people but is a memorial honoring all Native Americans! For more information on Korczak Ziolkowski, his family and Crazy Horse himself, please be sure to visit the monument's website. And if you can, please donate a few dollars to help this dream become reality!

After leaving Crazy Horse we stopped for a late lunch then got back on the road towards home. We drove all night and arrived home in the wee hours Saturday morning. I'd like to thank you for sharing this incredible vacation with me. It truly was a once in a lifetime journey for my family and I, we'll never again be at this particular point in our lives and be able to share the wonder of Yellowstone together as we did this time.


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