Yellowstone National Park - Memorial Day Weekend 2001

In May of 2001 my family met in Yellowstone park for a reunion of sorts. It was the first time I'd seen my brothers in 6 years, and the first time I'd get to meet my newest neice and nephew. My mom and I hadn't seen each other in a couple years so we were all looking forward to this camping trip with great anticipation.

The following pages are a photo journal of the five days we spent in Yellowstone National Park and the day my husband, step-daughter and I spent in the Black Hills of South Dakota. While I know that pictures aren't the same as being there I do hope you enjoy sharing the memories of my fantastic vacation! The pages contain many invidual photographs, if your browser doesn't handle photos well, or if your connection is really slow, you might want to rethink viewing these pages as they will take a long time to download, but (in my opinion) they're worth it!

The pages are all done with a font called "Dr. Eve L", if you'd like to download this font so that you can see this the way I designed it click here. Download the zip file to your own hard drive (preferably in a file where you can find it easily) then unzip it into your font folder.

yellowstone sign

Detail of Gate Inscripton    Roosevelt Arch    Detail of Gate Inscription

Roosevelt Arch, (dedicated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903) at the North entrance to the park. (We actually didn't see this until Wednesday but I felt that it belonged on the title page, and no, I don't know who the people are in the photo, I got tired of waiting for them to get out of the way so I just went ahead and took the picture. My family was chomping at the bit to get on to Mammoth!)

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Wildlife Photos    On The Way There   
Day 1 (Tower Falls, Calcite Springs)    Day 2 (Old Faithful, Black Sand Basin, Firehole Lake   
Day 3 (Mammoth)    Day 4 (After The Rain - Camp Photos)   
Day 5 (Cody Wy, and Yellowstone Falls)    On The Road Home   
South Dakota (Bear Country USA, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse)   
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