Day 2 - Sunday May 27, 2001

Black Sand Basin, Old Faithful, Firehole Lake area
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Our first stop after Old Faithful was the Black Sand Basin, supposedly one of the most beautiful thermal areas in the park. The first thing we saw from the parking lot was Iron Creek and the hot water run-off into it from the geysers and hot pools just up the hill. For more information on Black Sand Basin and other yellowstone geysers you can check out this website. Iron Creek
Black Sand Basin Boardwalk A view of the boardwalk leading out to some of the various thermal pools in the basin. At the end of the boardwalk is a view of Grand Prismatic Spring. To the right of the boardwalk are bacteria mats and various small thermal pools.
Rainbow Pool rainbow pool
Grand Prismatic Spring According to the guidebook "Grand Prismatic Spring is 370 feet in diameter and the largest of Yellowstones hot springs. It is certainly one of the most beautiful!" Unfortunately the day we were there the weather was very cool and the steam obscured much of the color.
This is an aerial view of Grand Prismatic Spring. I did not take this, but found it on a yellowstone website, no photographer credit given. Gorgeous shot! Aerial View of Grand Prismatic
Bacteria Mats 4 Around the edge of all the thermal pools and geysers there's whats called "bacteria mats". These are flat areas where warm water collects and bacteria flourishes, the odd thing is that while these mats look soft and squishy, they are actually firm crystalized areas. You can see footprints of several species in them, including bear, elk, bison, and human.
Bacteria Mats Bacteria Mats 2 Bacteria Mats 3
Opal Pool Opal Pool
Once we finished the Black Sand Basin walk, we continued on to Firehole Lake Drive....Next ===>

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