Yellowstone National Park - Day 3 - Monday May 29, 2001

Undine Falls, Mammoth

Monday morning found us moving camp as our neighbors were leaving and we wanted their campsite. This move would prove to be one of the smartest things we would do that day! We really needed those trees to hang tarps from when it decided to pour on us later that night. See those trees in the background? That's where we were moving to, not very far of a move, actually just up the hill. Moving Camp
petrified tree Once we got the camp moved we hit the road towards Mammoth, Our first stop was the Petrified Tree. Apparently there used to be three petrified trees here but idiot tourists kept taking souvenir pieces, or as the guidebook calls it "human erosion", so the park officials finally fenced off the last remaining tree to protect it for future generations.
A view of the hillsides across from the Petrified Tree. Practically everywhere we visited in the park showed damage from the devastating 1988 fires. View of hillside across from Petrified Tree
Undine Falls Our next stop was Undine Falls, a very pretty waterfall right at the side of the road. We spent quite a while here taking lots of pictures of the falls and each other. Somehow we missed Wraith Falls which was just on the other side of the road, oh well, we'll get there next time!
Another view of the falls through the trees. Undine Falls 1
Undine Falls A view of Lava Creek, just below the falls, think the water got rather high earlier this year?
While the rest of the family was doing their thing, I was entranced by these two butterflies and the vivid mules ear flowers. This picture will definitely become part of a new desktop theme in the near future! Mules Ears and Butterflies
After the falls we continued on to the North Entrance to visit Gardner Montana, fill up with gas and pick up a few supplies (namely more peppermint schnapps!) and then we continued on to Mammoth ===>

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